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Brief Information About Vidya Planet

"We believe BEST EDUCATION is basis right of every human being. There are so many exceptionally talented teachers with passion for teaching in various subjects. At the same time, there are so many students who desire for the best education but limited to learn from the sources available to them.

We want to remove all these barriers and connect best teachers to needy students. We want PASSION to drive the teaching and learning than the envionmental constraints. Teaching and Learning is applicable for everything as long as there is someone to teach and someone to learn - Be it Academic or Entrepreneural, Technical or Non Technical, Arts or Science, Soft skills or Life Skills, Hobbies or Experimental.

We have only one question - Do you want to teach or Learn? If Answer is Yes, please share your details with us. Dont worry where you live, what area you are expertise in, accessibility etc. We will use the technology to provide the best education to all. "


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